Word Clouds

Hey – how cool is this? These are the words I use here. If you like, it’s a snapshot of my mind. I got it from a site that makes t-shirts. I skipped on the t-shirt, but I really like my word cloud. I’d love it on a mug.

Aphra’s Word Cloud

Someone has written a plugin for using with WordPress, but I think it only works if you use WordPress as a stand-alone content editor instead of doing your blogging here on site.

I thought this was cool so I have suggested it in the features forums. I have started a conversation suggesting the Word Cloud plugin and added the suggestion to a separate conversation about tag clouds. Be wary of spamming though, but the two conversations are about different features, though they look very similar. Apparently the thing to so is use the Feedback button at the top right of your Dashboard to put the suggestion to the WordPress Peeps.


11 responses to “Word Clouds

  1. That’s funny….. I’ve always loved anemones (and trilobites). Right on.

  2. oh this reminds me so much of something I made for another site of mine, only all the words were in different colours and moving in different directions at different speed. 🙂

  3. Agree! Aphra Behn interesting girl defend freedom.

    (words from your cloud in case you think I’ve lost it)

  4. Glad to have linked you, 1loneranger.

    Hey Lux, that sounds even cooler.

    Thank you Charlotte.


  5. I like the idea of a mug with the wordcloud on it too. All this cool stuff and fun things to do is turning me into an internet junky,though.

  6. and then, I study your word cloud and wonder how in the world did my handle get in your cloud! I didn’t think I had posted here that often. . .

  7. I thought it was nice that you and Sol turned up in there. It shows there are conversations going on. Dialogue, and all that.

    Mind you – I don’t know who “Francis” is, or the “boy” for that matter.

    I do think I might follow up on the mug idea. There are more than enough places putting images on mugs for a few quid these days.


  8. I’d be honoured to be on a mug.

  9. I’d be honored as well. It is pretty neat that the word cloud reflects that there are conversations. My word cloud reflects my December of telling stories of my past, though — there are many alaska and Arctic sorts of words.

  10. So cool!! I have just made my own word cloud and am like a proud parent!

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