Lazing on a Sunday afternoon


There are few advantages to being a pink-nosed snot-monster, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done nothing on a Sunday except put coal on the fire, brew tea, and read.

Very little beats it, I must say.


5 responses to “Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Ah, the warm damp glow of an open fire. Not forgetting the obligatory draft around the ankles from the airflow needed to keep it going.

    Nice relaxing picture though.


  2. Ah, well, there is that. But there is a draft the size of the Mistral blowing through the living room at the best of times, ever since the Wind stole my Cat-flap!

    As Virginia Graham said:

    “You think you’ve a ‘House in the Country’,
    but the country’s come into your house”!


  3. Oooh looks cosy. Hope you enjoyed it.

  4. No cat flap, no wonder the wind could drive you mad!
    Bad, bad wind stealing your cat flap like that.


  5. lovely space. We use a wood stove – no open flame but lots of warm and the great smell of wood burning. Some mornings I practice restarting it with just wood and embers and think back to all the ancestors who had to do that with no lighter.

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