Kill-joy was here

Like most other WordPress users these past couple of days, I’ve stumbled on Miss(ed) Manners’ delightful “What I Did Over Christmas Vacation“. It is impossible to look at it without a great big goofy grin breaking out all over your face. It turned me into a speechless valley girl. It’s – like – awsome. Totally. Most of the comments show the same delighted awe, mixed with a wistful envy.

The power of this post comes from the intimacy of it. We rarely see happiness. Hell, we rarely feel that sort of playful, silly, goofing-around, life-affirming happiness. What Miss(ed) Manners has shown us is a slightly shocking glimpse of his happiness with his family and his girlfriend. Not everyone can bear that.

um….. i put patch panels in a trunk of a chevelle. your a loser. just responding to your question as to what i did over break. (Link)

Miserable sod score – 6/10

… I acknowledge the skill and innocent-fun attitude of the endeavour and the humour of the post. … am I a nasty killjoy? (Link)

Yes. Since you ask. Anyone who claims that they can “acknowledge … humour” is damned by the tips of their own fingers as a killjoy.

Miserable sod score 7/10 (Would be more, but points given for punctuation).

Then we get the slightly more worrying comments:

Get a real life and a real (read: hot) girlfriend – not a fat ugly one wearing braces and glasses. (Link)


this sucks. I was really disappointed. life. you need a life. but i gotta give you effort for trying. (Link)

Missing the point score – 8/10.

These two comments beg the question, “what, in the minds of the commentators, would constitute ‘a life’ if spending several days with family and friends playing around, having fun and laughing doesn’t?” Because they certainly can’t recognise “a life” when they see one.

nice man / but seriusly u have no life / fagot
i just came to make fun of u some more / douschbag
lol i just cant stop laughing at you / bceause u have absolutely no life and at ur complete fagotness (Link, and following)

Slightly freaky in a bad way score 4/10, but with a missing the point weighting of 9/10 and a miserable sod weighting of 7/10. I guess it’s called projection.

But the winner in the Missing the Point category goes to:

You did say “my girlfriend”? Are sure she is not just in your head? (Link)

Girlfriends, obviously, only existing to poke, or as another commentator said “notice how the haters are all men? perhaps this guy caught on to the real secret of women… spend time with girlfreind. be interesting.” (Link)

Ach. I’ve made my points about projection, fear of intimacy, limited imaginations and misery-guts. I’ll just add in an Alexander Pope / Mick Jagger reference about breaking butterflies on wheels, and let you go back to enjoying the life-affirming delight that is the candy-fight at Helms Deep.

4 responses to “Kill-joy was here

  1. Have to say, as I read some of those negative comments the words “potential serial killer” did cross my mind. Along with the spiritual argument that evil is not the grand exciting villainy invented by art. No, it is this small petty and truly ugly life-denying thing.

  2. You’ve scratched an itch in my mind, there Ms Melling. I’m not sure if I’d assume “potential serial killer”. I am however Orwell off my mental shelves to try to remember if he said something similar. Mind you, he seemed to think that evil was forcing people into endlessly, mindlessly cleaning drains, which is true in another way. But you are right, evil is small-minded and petty.

    Thanks for getting my point, and thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. I couldn’t agree more — I don’t get how anyone can look at that marvelously silly detail and not grin! I don’t get people whose whole point is the tear down — so much emotional energy and *nothing* to show for it.

    Good to see you around, by the way.

  4. “Marvellously silly detail”

    It’s about playing, isn’t it? And how nasty petty-minded people hate to see others play. I am reminded of the self-rightous sanctimoniousness of some of the Victorians.

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for commenting.


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