Reflections on Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Who’d have thought there was a ruin so atmospherically gothic in the middle of the UK’s most famous theme park? This photograph is completely un-doctored and exactly as it came off the camera on my phone some time last spring. I really should have turned off the date feature though.

I cannot be bothered to write the post bewailing our appetite for pre-digested, plasticised or digitised events which we then call “experiences” and exclaiming at the way we miss real reality, which is far cooler and more amazing, and which – after all – is right under our noses. If I spare you the task of wading through it, will you do me the kindness of pretending you have? I think Compartments may have already written it with far less pretentiousness anyway.

I am not very fond of rollercoasters, but no matter. I spent a happy hour capturing extraordinarily atmospheric and gothic images to the soothing sound of distant screams.


4 responses to “Reflections on Alton Towers

  1. wow – what kind of phone do you have that takes that kind of picture? the only ones I’ve ever seen are all black and white and fuzzy.


    Actually, I took that one on the previous model, the 750i. They aren’t as good as Sony Ericsson claim for action shots, but they take good photos if you have the time to compose them.

    Mind you, this is probably the best photo I took with that phone!

    Here are some with my new one.


  3. You’ve done it once again . Fab picture!

  4. Thanks Santra. I’m being a little lazy and plundering my photo files, but on the other hand I do think some of them are worth sharing.

    Take care


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