Another blessing

Not mine this time but in an email from my godmother, discussing things we remember but don’t see much of these days:

Of course there are matters on the credit size of change. Recently I had a long, angry sore along the side of one foot. After a month I was having tentative thoughts of visiting the doctor, when I suddenly realized that it was the first chilblain I’d seen for half a century! Ye gods, and we used to reckon on having chilblains for not less than five months each year!


2 responses to “Another blessing

  1. I’ve always read that word in books without having a clue what it meant. I’m going to go look it up right this minute…

  2. I spoke with a junior doctor the other day, and he said that he wouldn’t recognise one if he saw it.

    It’s odd really. All my godmother needed was a diagnosis, and chilblains are such minor things. It is only their modern scarcity which means they need diagnosing.

    Thanks for dropping by Diana.


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