Counting blessings

Well, I’ve completely blown my resolution to count my blessings instead of whining, haven’t I?

Good things today:

  • Spent the evening entering the MP3 age, and subscribing to podcasts
  • Productive day at work
  • Prolly having lunch with a girlfriend on Sunday – lots of girlie goss on the cards
  • Had curly-fries for lunch today. (BAD Aphra. Won’t ever be slimline Aphra.)
  • Book arrived from Amazon reseller (appears to be stolen from a University Library, but we won’t tell the Librarians that)
  • Have cleaned cooker
  • Have done washing up

With any luck there’ll be actual thoughts appearing in this space soon.

PS. Yes, I know. I said “a university”. Just point the finger and call me an hypocrite. 😉


One response to “Counting blessings

  1. Well done, Aphra. Nice and positive. (Somehow venting spleen is a lot more fun – why?)

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