Living in tupperware

I’ve just had, what? 17 days off in a row. Much needed they were, an’ for this respite grateful thanks, an’ all that.

17 days.

The sun shone on three of them.

Still, I remind myself that the reason English women have such beautiful complexions is that we live in a cool damp climate. Our skin never fully dries out.

3 responses to “Living in tupperware

  1. Hope work is kind to you after your break. You’re right about your lovely English complexions. Germans would have the same if they weren’t so addicted to the tanning salon. Here the preferred skin hue is tangarine.

  2. oh well then come on over to maryland and stay awhile, same difference these days. except here we are in january and it’s been so warm we still have mosquitos. sigh

  3. One thing I learned in Sweden, tammy, is that you cannot live near big mossies and be a Buddhist. There is something so insulting about killing an insect and smearing the wall with your own blood.

    Tangarine skin? Eugh!

    Thanks, both for dropping by and for commenting.


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