Twelth night, or what you make of it

For sale:

6 brace of game-birds (partridges) well hung

A perry orchard (one dozen trees)

A flock of pigeons (22 birds, mainly white)

A flock of fancy hens (30 birds)

Song-birds, (36 available in singles or pairs – cages supplied to first 9 applicants)

A large flock of geese, good layers (42 birds, will separate)

21 pairs of swans (only to homes with open water)

Herd of cattle (40 beasts, TB tested, from BSE-free herds, good milkers)

Available for hire:

Dairy operatives (40 available for reasonable rates, will travel)

Dance troupe (36 females, 30 males, fancy costumes included)

Military-style band (22 woodwind players, 12 percussionists)

6 responses to “Twelth night, or what you make of it

  1. I notice that you’re keeping the 40 gold rings.

  2. Yes.

    What of it?

    *whistles irritating Christmas song innocently*


  3. chuckling – both at the post AND the comments!

  4. Hi, “Aphra”

    No I didn’t get your comment, unless you meant the one you left in response to my comment on your blog (thank you, by the way!). I must remember to add you to my blogroll. What did your comment say?! Send it again, I’m curious!

    Hope things are good over your way and that your migraine has cleared up.

    Take care,


  5. Hmm,I could be tempted by a pair of swans for the pond outside the Library of Doom. It’s quite a big pond…

    Great post. Made me smile.

  6. Glad you liked it Archie. 🙂

    Séverine thanks for dropping by.

    From what I now of the Library of Doom, a pair of swans would increase the average level of sanity around the place. Have them Mr Librarian, and welcome!

    Thanks for commenting, all!


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