Migraines 4 – Headbanging

I can tell when one of them has scented me out and is tracking me. We are a prey species, however much men like to think of themselves as mighty hunters. Douglas Adams knew it when he defined “ely” (which is pronounced “eelee”) as “the first, tiniest inkling you get that something, somewhere has gone terribly wrong.” We can tell.

There’s a word he didn’t define though, for the first, tiniest inkling you get that a migraine has found you. That it has sniffed you out from the whole of the rest of migraine-suffering humanity. That it is hunting you down, waiting to stroke you and suffocate you. Waiting to turn you into pain, hallucinations and vomiting.

Then, like a victorian parent, the migraine will sit beside you on the bed smoothing your forehead and telling you kindly that it is for your own good. It is because you have been doing to much, driving too far, working too late. If you won’t take a rest, it says with benign sanctimony, then I will make you take a rest. You know you need a rest. You know you need me.

Triptanes help. If triptanes were not proof of the efficacy of science, they’d be proof of the beneficence of a god. But the only real defence, and the only real cure, is sleep.

I bargain with my migraines. “Look”, I say. “I’ll take this little tablet today, but tomorrow I’ll spend the whole day in bed. I know you are right,” I say slyly, “I do need to rest. But I am busy today. Spare me today. Please”.

Sometimes it works.

12 responses to “Migraines 4 – Headbanging

  1. I hope you get the rest without the pain, vomiting and hallucinations. Get better soon, Aphra.

  2. I’ve had regular migraines since I was 10 years old. 18 months ago I started on a drug that was supposed to help subdue my migraines. It didn’t. What it DID do was trigger a spate of “night terrors” that still continue to this day, 16.5 months after going OFF the drug. I wake up most nights convinced that spiders or other insects are crawling on the walls, and still have at least one migraine a week, which I treat with the wonderful wonderful Imitrex.

    All of which is to say that I completely understand. And what a wonderful simile! “…[t]he migraine will sit beside you on the bed smoothing your forehead and telling you kindly that it is for your own good.” They really do seem that soft-voiced and manipulative, don’t they?

    Anyway, please accept my hope that you will be able to rest soon. Blessings!

  3. Hope you are managing to get through it, or even better, past it. *hug*

  4. Feeling much better today thank you Charlotte and Sol. The combination of triptane and a whole day spent asleep did the trick. I was lucky that I had a day that I could sleep though, though.

    Jen, those night terrors sound awful. Every now and again a doctor will offer me prophylactics, but I am so completely crap at taking regular mediciine that they wouldn’t work.

    Today is Saturday, and the sun is shining.



  5. No. Today is Saturday and it’s pissing down. It’s great, actually.

  6. Thankfully I have never had one. Unfortunately when my daughter started having them at 10 I didn’t recognize them and thought her overtired as being tucked in to sleep in a dark room always cured it. She knows now, mostly, how to avert them (I haven’t heard a mention for a long time). Even husband was having them for a while (spangles in front of his eyes – not good when he has to drive 1.5 hours each way for work, and comes home in the dead of night). I am glad to hear you are better.

  7. That reminds me that I should get a new precscription for the horse pills that I get… Oh well. Counting my blessings, I haven’t been much singled out lately – I managed to stave off the bedsite visitor the weekend due to, exactly, sleeping much and adding a few regular paracetamols.

    Both 13, my daughter, and I tend to get these – actually, acupuncture seems to have helped. At least I believe it has 😉 Seriously, I have longer between the migraines and they are significantly milder after, I think, 5-6 pincushion settings. (It’s not bad at all – apart maybe from the day where my acupuncturist wryly commented that she was going to pin my foot to the mattress to be sure I stayed calm…)

    Glad to hear that you had the opportunity to get a decent sleep and get up to sunshine!

  8. Gosh, am I ever glad I am so lucky that I do not suffer from migraines. I have plenty of clients who do, though, and from my experience massage feels good but doesn’t help most migraines. Not during, and not as a preventative.

    My first husband had them, and the first time he went through one after we were married was an education.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  9. Thank you all for your good wishes. I am actually very lucky. So many migraine sufferers really do suffer. I just feel bad every now and again.


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  12. Just reread this, linked from your recent one. Dear me, but it’s well written!

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