2007 – New Year’s Resolutions. Sort of.

I’m not very good at New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really get the whole dividing-time-arbitarily-up-into-years thing anyway. The former Mr Behn once pointed out that I’d forgotten my own wedding anniversary and suggested I check the date on the inside of my wedding ring. I was three days out, though I got the month and the year right. I don’t always manage that though: I recently realised that I am two years younger than I thought I was. I’d simply lost count.

I understand what makes solstices and equinoxes special, but I really don’t understand what is so special about 365 days. It isn’t even a year. 365.242199 days I kinda get but, even so, it is still pretty chance-ridden and – well – local. The planet’s had longer years, it’s had shorter years. It’s all just happenstance, really.

All of this is a pre-amble to say that I don’t get years, I don’t get new years and I really don’t get new years resolutions, but 2007 Resolutions is a hot tag and as a cool web-babe and cyber-chick, I don’t want to miss out, so here goes.

Counting my blessings. It is so easy to concentrate on the back-ache I do have and forget the migraine I don’t; to concentrate on the new coat I cannot afford, not the gas bill I can; on the unmandated acts of war by our government, not the democracy which gives us the chance to vote them out. So my first New 365.242199 days’ Resolution for 2007 is to count my blessings.

Agenda-free time. I plan. I schedule. I am very driven by things that I ought to do. I don’t chill enough. All too often I am a human doing and I forget that I am a human being. The best I can manage with this one is to schedule days when I don’t schedule things. Agenda-free time. It’s crap really, but it’s a start.

Physical well-being. This is the general purpose one: swim more, eat less, sleep more, drink less tea, drink more water, be healthier, live longer, die older. That one. I’ve spent a lot of energy sorting out my job, my home, all sorts of things these past two-three years. Now, as Mike Yarwood used to say at the end of his show, “this is me”.

I think that is all I can manage at the moment. There are lots of other things I could add to the list, but these are the three that will make the most difference, I think.

Why can’t we all live in a world without armageddon brewing in the Middle East, legacy-hunting testosterone-monkeys in the Whitehouse and Downing Street, and climate change looking at the clock, tapping its fingers on the bar, and waiting until it can call “Time, Gentlemen please” on us all?

*breathing in*

*breathing out*

*counting blessings*

In the words of Nina Simone,

Got my hair on my head
Got my brains, Got my ears
Got my eyes, Got my nose
Got my mouth, I got my smile
I got my tongue, Got my chin
Got my neck, Got my boobies
Got my heart, Got my soul
Got my back, I got my sex

Thank the goddess for that. Particularly the boobies.


6 responses to “2007 – New Year’s Resolutions. Sort of.

  1. Great resolutions, Aphra. Can I borrow them? Happy 2007 to you!

  2. Won’t dare to wish you happy new year, instead a whole streamer of happy Nows.

  3. >I don’t really get the whole dividing-time-arbitarily-up-into-years thing anyway

    Well, you could do as the movement in France: just say ‘no’ 😉
    (http://www.paris-link-home.com/news/121/ARTICLE/1588/2007-01-01.html – not the best link as there was a news report of a ‘real’ movement with website and all that I cannot find)

    Other than that, a fine list. I’ll make do with ‘be more present in whatever I am doing when I am doing it’. Maybe it doesn’t promise too much; on the other hand it addresses a need I feel.

    I could subscribe to counting my blessings. Not half bad, life is and that is something indeed!

  4. Ignore those arbitrary averaged units!

    Happy Perihelion!
    For about the next six months you’ll be traveling away from the sun, till it all swings round again.

  5. “all too often I am a human doing and forget that I am a human being.” oh. and oh again.

    re the time thing – time is a human construct. I find I have absolutely no stress whenever I forget “time.” I say let’s through away ALL the clocks (including the doomsday one).

  6. Charlotte, please do take them, and welcome. They aren’t exactly original ideas after all!

    Welcome to this particular corner of cyberspace, karmageddon. It’s good to have lured you over here.

    Santra, the French are mad. We’ve been saying it for centuries. Almost a whole millenium in fact! Nice cheese, though.

    Phil, I never did get the perihelion thing, but I’ll swing away from the sun so long as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. I’m not proud.

    Tammy, it looks like the French are beating you to it! You are so right about time. It’s elastic, too, or how would some moments last forever while whole childhoods pass by in the blink of an eye?

    Happy NeW Year, one and all. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and may 2007 bring you blessings beyond counting.


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