“christmas poems with swear words”

Someone landed here who had been looking for “christmas poems with swear words”.

I really wish they hadn’t.

You know I want to write one now.

I know you hope I won’t.

6 responses to ““christmas poems with swear words”

  1. Oh, come now, stop teasing us. You know we hope you will.

  2. I like the new look of your blog!

  3. A Christmas poem with swearie words sounds like a jolly good idea.
    I’ve been trying to write a seasonal triolet but haven’t got much further than rhyming year with cheer.

  4. …. and of course, sweary rhymes with Mary… Bugger!

    Glad you like the new look Courtney. It’ll be intersting to see if I keep it or go back to good old bad old Regulus.


  5. That is strange – I had that person drop in on my blog as well. I wonder what it was in the Googleosphere which caused my site to float to the surface. Oh Carob!

  6. Not at all. A friend of mine said that what he liked about a fat woman was that he could “slap her ass and ride the ripples”. It’s a phrase that amused me, though I’m not entirely sure about the implications. But whoever expects men not to be sexist when they talk about sex?


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