PM’s window on our world

Like thousands of other peeps, I took a photie for Eddie at 500pm last night. It’s not up there yet, but I have been fascinated by what the UK does at 5.00pm I am stunned and made rather envious by the huge numbers of people who are at home, cooking and sipping wine at 5.00.


There are a lot of cats fed at 5.00pm, a fair number of children practicing musical instruments, a huge number of people driving home as I was, and a lot of people doing rather interesting work.

Anyway, here are some that shocked me, startled me or made me laugh. But this is like watching the grand prix highlights, you don’t get a feel for the real thing. I urge you to take a look at the lot. In the meantime, here is a selection:

Interesting work that R4 listeners do:

What? I mean What? It was sent by MMS from a phone so no caption to explain it:

Mmmmmmmm. “Smile for the Camera”

I can’t actually work out what this is:
A stone-mason perhaps?

Or this. I can’t avoid the feeling those trolleys might be moving

Chairs, do you think?

These photos moved me:

This was probably sent in by MMS from a mobile – hence no comment, but it is a lovely narrative photo, and I think it’s my favourite of the lot:

Yeah, right… – fibber! It was pitch dark in Yorkshire, there’s no way it was dusk in Edinburgh.

Mind you, I rather like the fact that they are putting up photos without editing or comment. This is another one which makes me say: huh?

Guilt and envy:

This one gives me kitchen-envy:

This one gives me pencil-envy:

And this one gave me kitchen-guilt (and no, it isn’t mine).

I am slightly worried about a kitchen which is that clean and which includes a medium sized boy:

Seeing ourselves…

This one has a comment with the almost ruthlesness of an almost-haiku:

And this shows a concerning grasp of reality too:

… as others see us

The experiment helped some people see their familiar worlds through new eyes:

Nowt so queer as folk:

Yes, well… She’s a priest, I suppose one can’t expect scientific scepticism, can one?

We’re impressed, or we are meant to be. All those adjectives. It’s a stone cottage, doncha know; it was a visit from the minister, natch. He’s a local councillor:

Who has a bath at 5.00pm every night?
Shift workers, I guess.

A parental dilemma, to take the photogaph or chastise the child?

And on the subject of boys and noisy musical instruments:

Photos as photos:

This is one of the few photos which has merit as a photo – but I think I prefer the lack of staginess of the others:

And here is another good photo, qua photo, taken with a mobile phone too

As is this:

And, less obviously, this:

“It’s a long way to Schadenfreude, it’s a long way, to go”
This one isn’t mine, but it so could have been….
and how many Londoners were staring at this at 5:00pm?

Not another dashboard pic:

As I said, take a look at the whole lot – it is a moving and fascinating collection.


6 responses to “PM’s window on our world

  1. “Just in view is the German pointer Beth and on the wall is the BBC Country File calendar. The pile of papers on the small chair under the calendar is his, he is a local councillor for Rossendale, you can also see on the floor the box of leaflets he is currently distributing.”

    The construction of that sentence suggests that Beth is councillor? In which case the leaflet distribution could be animal cruelty. You would think these Telegraph readers would have a firmer grasp of grammer, and it is either that or the Country File calender but I don’t think inanimate objects can be elected to office. Either way, hubby doesn’t feature even though he has just waded through a DFES paper.

    Thanks for the links, I haven’t had time to look properly, but shall tomorrow.

  2. Well, Caligula made his horse a Consul so I suppose the good people of Rossendale are in their rights to elect a transsexual German Pointer to local Government.

    I am not normally bitchy, and I feel very guilty about holding this particular comment up to ridicule, but I dislike being told to be impressed. I am sure they are good people.

    Now I really DO feel guilty.

    The mess in my kitchen is because I am a kuche-slut.

    Hey hey.

    Thanks for looking Helen, and thanks for commenting.


  3. The one with the trolleys really is deeply disturbing – they *are* moving, you’re absolutely right. I suspect it could be a photo taken by someone working on the set of Doctor Who…

  4. Will go and have a look at the results in a minute, but first wanted to say that I almost took a picture at 5pm but realised it would either have to be of my keyboard (desk too messy and too much chance of accidentally putting work-related or personal info in the net), or the colleagues that sit near me. The keyboard was too dull, and I didn’t like the idea of putting my colleagues up on the internet, so I didn’t.

    Anyhow, who are you to be calling eople skivers? You who must have left work *before 5pm* in order to have been travelling home at the time…

  5. Ah, well. You’ve got me there Kelli. 😉

    It’s odd about those trollys isn’t it, Mr Librarian?

    Thanks for posting, both.



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