it may not be medically proven yet…

… but anecdotally, you know it’s true:

Too much PowerPoint causes irritable growl syndrome

5 responses to “it may not be medically proven yet…

  1. Oh yes, the Powerpoint disease, it’s a bad one. I know why you’re growling. Nothing worse than being in a presentation and sitting watching someone read aloud the sldes that you can quite easily read yourself without their help. My dear husband gives a lot of presentations and his goal is always to use as few slides as possible since people are there to see him TALK not see him READ.

  2. BWahahahaha

    Thank you. I got all Powerpointed out at work last week. I feel better now.

  3. It’s very easy to get too much of it, yes. But it’s such a shame that people use it so badly. But that’s of course becaue using it well requires more thought and more work. Go figure…

  4. I overheard one person saying they’re interview technique was to ask canditates to prepare a presentation, make sure the computer wasn’t working and give the job to the one who managed to present anyway!

  5. Oh crap, I’d almost forgotten that I’m down to give a talk on Friday.

    Time to boot up the powerpoint again….

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