Otters 43 x 365

I’ve just found a fascinating site: a pen-portrait of 365 people, each of them in no more words than the writer has lived years, each of them influential in the writer’s life. The result is like a series of prose haiku. Elegent. Spare. Sinewy. Fascinating.

Tie me down please, before I think it’s a cool way of spending the next 12 months.

Here’s a rope.

Here’s another.

Don’t forget my ankles.

2 responses to “Otters 43 x 365

  1. It’d be tempting, I rekon, to wait a few more years so you’ve got a few more words to play with.

    Oh dear, that was a philistine’s comment, wasn’t it?

    *Deliberately and malicioualy leaves ropes untouched.*

  2. I read it – it was fun, but I will comply with your request. Consider yourself restrained.

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