Shock news – I’m female

I am, apparently, female. But not very. Especially not when I am writing about my eggs.

Blog Female Percentage Male Percentage
There should be a special level of hell… 55% 45%
… a woman’s work is never done 52% 48%
Saved by a meme 53% 47%
Migraines II 62% 38%
Summer flowers, winter mornings 75% 25%
Sofa so good 42% 58%
Amazon, my river of shame 31% 69%
“Aphra Behn racism poems” 55% 45%
Exercise and the placebo feel good factor 55% 45%
Scrambled Eggs 47% 53%
Averages 53% 47%

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. The analysis of my writing style came from Gender Genie.

I feel peeved that my gender is so obvious in what I write, and also peeved that my femininity only just shows through.

There I go, wanting it both ways.


I’m looking forward to December when I don’t have to scrabble round for blog subjects, and I can think more and write less.

4 responses to “Shock news – I’m female

  1. 53% to 47%. Hmmm. I would say, factoring in statistical error, that you are metro-sexual or what ever it’s called these days. I certainly know you look and talk girl (I’ve seen your cleavage ;-P ) but you are a bit geek which is possibly pushing you over to the man side.

    It makes you a balanced individual who can see both the female side and male side of any argument and would not simply fall into stereotype female during an argument…hell, who am I kidding! 😉 You balanced…keep away from the mind drugs…

  2. I spent way too much time fiddling with that genie, but it was fun, so thanks. Unfortunately, it turns out, I write like a man, lol.

  3. I checked a few of my posts out too. I write like a girl.

  4. A quick analysis of my five posts for November makes me 57% male. It seems my excessive use of ‘the’ tips Gender Genie off. How odd.

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