National Blog Posting Month

Why am I doing this to myself?

I find blogging makes me Stay Up Too Late as it is so I was planning to cut back to two posts every week from November until the Spring because of Other Commitments. Real Life. Stuff like that. Awkwardly intrusive, isn’t it?

Then I saw the NaBloPoMo, where punters post every day throughout November and I though “I can do that”. I have been wondering WHY I thought that ever since.

I’m not sure what I’ll get out of it.  I’ll be leaving behind the luxury of time to mull things over and prepare a blog. At the moment, I tend to think catch a thought and think “that can be worked up into a blog”, usually when driving to work. (Too early for Terry Wogan, too vulnerable for Today, and there is No Bloody Way that I am listening to Sarah “Mad Freak” Kennedy – a woman who manages to be both vapid and bouncy before 7.00am every single day of the week. I don’t know what she’s taking, but surely any right-minded society would ban it?)

(… breathe in …)

(… breathe out …)

(… breathe in …)

(… smile …) ….

Then, thought caught, I tend to polish and revise it for a few days or a week or so, and add it to my nice security pipeline of two or three posts waiting to be published. Now I’m not going to have those luxuries, because the next day will be champing at my heels.

Then there is the question of what you will get out of it, gentle reader. If it works, I will be pointed and aposite instead of considered and witty. I think there’ll be more triviality, less thoughtfulness. I am expecting more jokes and one-liners and fewer mini-essays. More immediacy, less pretention.


Hopefully it won’t be too painful for those who witness it. And it is a short month, anyway.


6 responses to “National Blog Posting Month

  1. My anxieties precisely captured. See you there, fellow blogmeister!

  2. *Does little cheerleader dance*

  3. I thought about this: Then I decided not to! The Exam From Hell is getting in the way

  4. You can do it! It can just be a one-liner, or a link.

    My motto for the month: quantity, not quality.

  5. Well, I still have a pipeline to pump my way through. Given the length of today’s post, I am looking forward to brevity.

    Good luck to all Novembery endeavours.



  6. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

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