So, farewell then Longbridge

Driving out of Birmingham on the Bristol Road, one would go through and past the Longbridge car works.

Not for much longer:

Longbridge 1

This part of the works was rather elegent, with a long low brick building, with clean lines, and well placed and well balanced windows. The frames were shabby, the glass broken, the paint peeling, but it had a surprisingly gracious beauty none-the-less.


One can glimpse the sky through the back of the windows and it looks as if they have removed the slates from the roof leaving some bright and shiny modern roof insulation which must have been added a good while after the building was built.

Longbridge 3

These were taken early in September and the day was as hot as it looks.

Longbridge 4

This shows rather clearly how much uglier the newer buildings were.

Longbridge 5

I took these with my mobile phone. I do wish I’d had a decent long lens: the interiors were fascinating and evocative, and have probably disappeared forever by now.

Longbridge 6

Again, one is far more aware of the later building, now one can see it, though it is presumably next in line for the bulldozers.

Longbridge 7

So, farewell then
We’ll go no more in
or MGs.

They’re building
‘luxury apartments’
where Red Robbo
roused the rabble.

The cars that pass
are Korean

EJ Thribb – aged 57

6 responses to “So, farewell then Longbridge

  1. It occurs to me that the lovely brick building could’ve made interesting apartments – with some fab windows.

  2. Me too, Teuchter. I am in Birmingham this weekend, I might see if I can photograph it in whatever its current state of demolition is.

    When I was there, there was an old boy taking photos and we talked about the windows, apparently the frames were all taken out and sold for reclamation, which is why the roof collapsed so oddly.

    I did not think to ask if he’d worked there. I should have done.


  3. Shame to see all this go. I am an MG Rover car owner (MG ZS180) had the car for around 2 yrs and love the car. It should not have ended this way.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, misvideos. Thanks for dropping by.


  5. A STUPID QUESTION THAT I JUST HAVE TO ASK: The Thribb poem – *not* an original, yes?

  6. No. The Thribb poem is all mine. A parody of a pastiche. Or the other way round. 🙂

    But thanks for wondering.


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