Bloglily’s recent post in praise of sloth has made me re-examine what happened to me the day I bought my new phone. I’d got the day of an event wrong, and ended up with some completely unscheduled time.

Now for the scary bit: I had a much nicer time than I have had for ages on the free days when I plan my activities.



What am I doing to myself?

My ‘to do list’ is looking pretty good at the moment: I did my two most pressing ‘must do’s yesterday and, other than standard chores, the rest is ‘would like to do’s.

But are they? Would I really like to do them, or would I prefer to do something entirely random instead? Perhaps I should make myself a gamer’s dice with some entirely pleasant and slothy activities on it, and throw it at least once a fortnight, or once a week, or every couple of days.

What would be good to have on it?

  • Sit in bed, reading fiction and eating soft fruit
  • Amble round the shops in the market town looking at tat and not buying it
  • Take a walk through the valley
  • Download a concert from Radio 3 and listen to it while knitting
  • Go out and photograph things

… I find it rather sad that I can only think of five slothful and spirit-renewing things to do.

Note to self: Must do less.

4 responses to “Chillin’

  1. Ha! Five is good. I love them all — the last three never occurred to me. Lucky you to have radio three and a valley to walk through.

  2. Ah, but thanks to the glory of the Wonderweb, and the gift that is “Listen Again” anyone anywhere can listen to anything the BBC has broadcast on its radio services at any time during the week following.

    Radio 3?

    Nothing easier ma’am:


  3. OOOOO. Thank you Ms. Behn.

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