Lies, damned lies and ice-breakers

We had an ice-breaking exercise in a meeting at work the other day: we had to write down three things on a piece of paper, two of which were true and one of which was a lie.

I realised this morning that I messed it up completely: the thing I labled a lie was in fact true (it included a negative which confused me), and one of the truths was – well not a fib exactly – but with added fiber.

  • I’ve been north of the Arctic Circle, and seen the Midnight Sun
  • I’ve never been to Greece
  • I make my own curtains

I guess this means I am incredibly honest. (Oh, look – admirable me). Or incredibly incompetent at lying. (Silly me). Or just crap at thinking up interesting things on the spot. (Stupid me).

I do wish that I’d realised that the first one could be called a lie though: it was 23.15 when we were north of the Circle, and I had a long drive south so we didn’t stick around for the magic moment, but why spoil a good story?

So maybe I just don’t know when I am lying.

Sociopathic me.

3 responses to “Lies, damned lies and ice-breakers

  1. As I hate Ice-breakers I would have been tempted to put down 3 lies and had some fun talking about them all as if they were true.

    A chap who started working at my old company(ona different site) did a similar thing: rather than just introduce himself normally he said he would read out a list of things about himself but some would be untrue. He never did tell us which ones were which so the only thing I came away knowing about him was that he was a tosser.

    He is summed up by the fact that when I visited his site for the first time one year in MARCH he wished me a Happy New Year.

  2. Mother of God, empress of the universe

    oh damn. I read something really relevant today, *before* the blue martinis (and yes, they’ve been DIVINE) *ahem*

    ok. I can’t currently find the exact quote I was thinking of, but here’s some others I’ve dogeared:

    “Did you hear the story about the couple that’s been married sixty years? They come downstairs for breakfast on their sixtieth anniversary, and the husband says, ” Do you remember 60 years ago when we both sat nekkid at breakfast?”
    And his wife says “”Were not so old, we could do that again.”
    So they take off all their clothes and sit down to breakfast, and the wife says,”Not that much has changed, you still make my nipples hot.”
    And her husband says'” I’m not surprised–one’s in your coffee and the other’s in your oatmeal.”

    dig-in-if-ieeeeeed 🙂

    “my grandmother used to tell me
    that a hard head makes a sore ass.”

    B– i’m currently adapting that to my Golden Boy Nephew.

    ummmm…. I think I’ve fiorgotten the point I was initiating to make, so I’ll gracefully bow out with a FAB truism:

    If you’re gonna be dumb
    you’ve gotta be tough.

    (and my brother’s frantic-super-doctor amendment:)

    But you can be SMART, not dumb, and still be tough.


    I’m so glad I’m an auntie and not a parent.

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