Normal service will be resumed in September

I’m now on my summer vacation from the internet and will be back online in September.


12 responses to “Normal service will be resumed in September

  1. What she said! I’m still coming here every day, in the hope that new comments will have been posted if nothing else. Please do pick the blog up again when you get back from your internet holiday. 🙂

  2. I’m also checking, hoping that perhaps there’s an irresistible Internet cafe wherever you are holidaying …

  3. Just ones that let me see if people have posted! 😉


  4. OOOO, almost time for you to return. Looking forward to hearing how your off-line time was.

  5. See? We’re all lined up and waiting for you like cats waiting to be let in on a cold night…

  6. *paws the ground impatiently

  7. Well, I started rebuilding my home PC last night and tonight will be dedicated the delicate task of re-introducing it to the internet. I’m making no promises….

    Thanks for the attention, I am flattered.


  8. *Circles around anxiously*

  9. *puts out bowls of milk*

  10. Oooh – you’re back!
    Fab 😎

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