A good move, well made

Most months at about this time I am glad that I no longer work in sales.

Don’t get me wrong – I got a lot out of my time in sales, some of it in cash. I mastered the gentle art of unobtrusive questioning. I learned how to steer a conversation without it being obvious. I acquired the knack of instant-empathy and the ability to manage small-talk with someone who doesn’t do small-talk. I understood the precise ways in which a why-question will take you in a different direction than a how-question.

In many respects, I learned how many beans make five.

But on too many months at about this time a slow strand of tension would start to wind its way around the base of my stomach, tightening every time I dated a cheque, or arranged a meeting, or completed a front-sheet to send a fax. Too many times, there’d still be too much target at the end of the month.

So now, almost a decade later, I look at my watch, look at a calendar, or post a blog, and find myself thinking woohoo, its the 19th, and I don’t have to think about quotas.

It’s good when you still feel smug about a decision 8 years on.

Wouldn’t you agree?


2 responses to “A good move, well made

  1. I definitely agree.

    I worked in an ‘office job’ for precisely four months, as a sort of PA/ admin bunny. I spent the whole of it wanting to break my wrist so I wouldn’t have to go in for a few weeks. Oh, the grinding TEDIUM. And the constant panicky feeling that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing when or what was important. And no one would stop and tell me – because the job was lowly and I was temping, I’m sure they all thought it should be obvious.

    I learnt – do what you think is best, and make your own priorities. You’re a sensible child, and as long as you look busy, you’ll be fine. You are totally unfazed by photcopiers and fax-machines. And you are surprisingly good at filing.

    But to this day I’d sooner chain myself to a walrus for a week than do all the ego-massaging and second-guessing involved in PAing.

  2. Ha! I’d like to make a decision I felt smug about 8 years later. Hell, I’d be happy to make a decision to feel smug about, period. I love the chain myself to a walrus thing, that’s how I’m feeling about marriage at a moment, although he’s looking more and more like a freaking whale!

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