I’ve finally given in and agreed to fit a cat-flap. This is not so much to let the cats out, as to let them in again. The weather has been so fine recently that I let them out at 8.00am and I’ve had to call them in after midnight. They come in occasionally and demand food, though why they cannot feed themselves on rabbit-flavoured rabbit and mouse-flavoured mouse is beyond me. They require tuna-and-cod-flavoured horse, it seems.

Who would have thought buying a catflap took so much time? The door is varnished wood. It is too nice to cut up to install a cat-flap, but see above. So I need a brown cat-flap. The weather is benign now, but the wind wuthers around in the lane in the winter, so I need one which is weather-proof, possibly with magnetic strips to hold it shut in the wind. The panel I’ll be installing it in is half and inch thick, so I need one which has a tunnel or a sleeve which I can adjust to fit.

Three catflaps later, I finally found one in the market which purports to be what I need. So I will be making-it with the drill, the pencil, the saw, and the screw-driver.

And then the demanding little bastards can come and go as they please.

Ahhhh…. Bless…..


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