Secret hates

I’m feeling mentally a little punch drunk right now.

I’ve just taken a couple of Implicit Association Tests.

These are tests which purport to pick up on your unconscious prejudices and report them back to you. Unfortunately they are very US-centric. But apart from that particular bias, (which – surely – the academics concerned must be aware of), they are fascinating.

The tests are exhausting to complete – images and words are flashed up on the screen at high speed and you have to categorise them, sorting the words into “good” and “bad” and sorting the images into “gay” and straight”. A predilection for hardcore BDSM would seriously skew your results. “Humiliation” and “pain” are both presumed to be “bad”. I’m not too keen on either, but I did find it an interesting choice of words for a test about attitudes to sexual preferences.

Apparently I have a slight subconscious preference for homosexuality. Well, there’s a thing.

I then did a test to determine my reactions to Asian Americans. This was where it got really confusing, because the comparison was between Asian American faces and White American Faces and between American Images and Foreign Images. I grew up in sight of the Severn suspension Bridge and have never seen the Golden Gate other than in movies. And I am sorry. Tower Bridge and Stonehenge are not Foreign. It was like trying to sort images of cards where the clubs and spades were red and the hearts and diamonds were black.

Apparently I am more likely to think of Whites as Americans and Asians as Not Americans. Which is hardly a surprise really, given that Americans on film and TV are predominantly white, or not Asian, at least.

But the image > click > image > click > image > click > image > click > image > click > has worn me out.

Interesting tests though.


5 responses to “Secret hates

  1. I did those tests, well, some of them, too. It would seem I prefer black and asian people to white, and gay people to straight. Indeedy. (This shocks my mother). Didn’t do the American/ not American thing as I thought it would be pointless.

  2. Yeah. I was rather disappointed with the US bias, to be honest. Interesting though, I thought.


  3. I did two of them: one about age and one about Am vs Br and I thought at first that it depended perhaps on which combination they started with. But I was defimitely having trouble identifying the Am bits with the positive ideas despite having been trained on that first…

    I prefer young people to old. I thought I would. I wonder why?

  4. Maybe you fear *being* old?

    It’s lovely to see you here.


  5. Well, I’d prefer to think it’s because I’m still in the bracket that the pictures thought were young, but you could well be right. I realised the other day that there are now certain, er, dreams which I just haven’t got time left to get to work. Although I may be guilty of assuming my life will end at 40 there.

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