Oh look – a wilderness

I want to see what happens when you start over again in a place where you have no history and no credit.

I have some credit at work because I’ve been there a while. I’ve moved recently but I’m building up credit among my neighbours. I’ve been a member of different online communities and built up varying amounts of credit in most of them. If I log into one of them using a pseudonomynous account because I want to say something too personal to put my online name to, then I’m aware that the sock puppet has no credit.

This is a step outside all those comfort zones, to see what happens when – without any background or explanation – a person starts to blog.

So here I am – not a voice crying in the wilderness, but a person peeking out from behind a comfortable rock to see what’s out there.

Feel free to comment because I am interested in dialogues and multilogues. I am polite to strangers.


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